Ever wonder what kind of underwear the person next to you is wearing? No? (OK, me either.)

But, since we are a nosy kind of nation, the women's underwear company True & Co. dug deep into this weighing-on-our-mind-24/7/365 kind of a question.

They analyzed data of their biggest sellers in each state. Apparently, the results run the gamut, from bras and underwear to bodysuits and camisoles.

There were some states that real stood out in the "sexy" department. For example, Vermont's top choice is red lace boudoir bodysuits while in Michigan it's black lace camisoles. Texas went with multicolor satin boudoir bodysuits.

And then there's the opposite end of the sexy spectrum. In Colorado and Washington, the most popular type of lingerie is flannel pajamas. (Muey caliente!)

Tennessee might be the worst though. Their top choice turned out to be sweatpants!

What about the Bayou State? You ladies keep it classy here in Louisiana. Your go-to undies are pink nylon panties.