It's that time of year again. Time to show that special someone how you really feel ... by naming a cockroach after them.

The Bronx Zoo is encouraging people to "give the gift that’s eternal and name a roach for Valentine’s Day". They even have specialized packages to help commemorate this day of love.

Most people go with "The Original" for $15, which get's you a digital certificate so you can send your sweetie proof that you named a Madagascar hissing cockroach after them. But if you really want to win them over you should go big or go home with "The Works", it's $75 but totally worth every penny. "The Works" includes a cockroach beanie, mug and pin as well as a print out certificate.

So, whether you're trying to tell an ex that they are the scum of the Earth or if you are in love with a legit roach enthusiast, The Bronx Zoo has the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you.

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