Going to the grocery store can be a dreaded task for many of us. You have to get down and hunt for your items, thrown them in the basket, take them out the basket onto the conveyor belt, put them back in the basket, get them out the basket into your car, take them out of your car into your house, then put them away!


Man, I wish there was a drive-thru grocery store that I could just grab and go and then reduce about 18 of these steps!?!

Oh, wait, there is one such godsend on the way. According to Developing Lafayette, the city of Scott will be getting a drive-thru grocery store called Farm Stores. It will be located at 728 Westgate Road.

The Florida-based company started back in 1935 as a dairy but later saw a need for convenient grocery runs. It's pretty simple. Just drive up, request your products and they bring it to your car!

Farm Stores offer basic products like milk, eggs, bread, beverages and the like. But then they also carry things like smoothies, hot soups, soft serve ice cream, coffee and more.

While we don't know exactly when this store will be opening, rest assured we will let you know and quite possibly will be the first person in line when they open the drive-thru.

For more information about this amazing heavenly place, visit FarmStores.com or Facebook.com/FarmStores.


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