You can call it great police work or you can call it just being lucky but if you ask the New Iberia Police Department about it they'll tell you they are just glad to have been in the right place at the right time. That right place was just outside of a business on Landry Street and the right time was shortly after midnight on Thursday morning.

It was at that time and location that officers observed a "suspicious subject entering the building and then a suspicious car leaving the building". That's when officers moved in and made their arrest. 

When officers pulled over the suspicious suspect vehicle they noted items that appeared to have been taken from the business in question. The driver of the vehicle, Joey Farmer, was also alleged to have had a small amount of crystal meth in his possession.

The alleged burglar in the incident was identified as Robert Tucker. He is now facing charges of unauthorized entry of a business, possession of stolen items and he also had a warrant for failure to appear. Additional stolen items were recovered following a search of a residence in the 4200 block of Romero Street.


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