New Orleans is fast becoming a gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and beyond. With the arrival of the Carnival Dream at the port of New Orleans today, that gateway just got even bigger.

The Carnival Dream, which is expected to dock around 4pm this afternoon in the Big Easy will be the largest cruise ship to provide regular service from the port. Travelers who enjoy cruising can expect a lot of great things from this vessel that is 30% larger than the previous vessels that serve port. The Carnival Dream can carry 4-thousand passengers to a wide variety of destinations.

Carnival Cruise Lines Senior Vice President of Fleet Deployment Terry Thorton told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"It will being doing three different seven day itineraries. One of which will go to Montego Bay in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. The other will be going to Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel and the third itinerary is going to Key West, Freeport and Nassau,"

Thorton suggested that the relationship between Carnival and New Orleans was mutually beneficial. Many travelers enjoy cruising and the chance to spend a few days in New Orleans either before or after their excursion. The combination of a great home port and a luxurious ship makes for an even better travel experience.



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