There are three weeks left for Louisiana voters to hear from the candidates that are a part of the November 21st runoff election. Chances are the people you will be hearing from the most are Republican candidate for Governor David Vitter and Democratic candidate for Governor John Bel Edwards.

Many political pundits had this runoff pegged for over a year. The thinking was that Vitter with his name recognition across the state would garner enough of the Republican vote over Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne to earn a runoff spot.  Edwards would get enough Democratic support to make the runoff against him.

A new poll that was published last week now shows that Edwards is leading Vitter by a 52-40 percent margin. The poll was conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research and was funded by the Gumbo Political Action Committee. For transparency sake, that PAC is opposed to David Vitter.

Clancy Dubos a political analyst says even though the poll was commissioned by an anti-Vitter organization he believes the results indicate real trouble for the Vitter camp.

This poll was taken a day or two before some additional stories adverse to Senator Vitter hit the press about 'spygate' and other things.  I think his lead may actually be bigger than that.

Dubos went on to tell the Louisiana Radio Network that many voters who supported Republicans Angelle and Dardenne are leaning in the direction of Edwards.

I think you will see more Republican elected officials and Republican leaders coming out for Edwards in the weeks to come.

Last week the Louisiana Sheriff's Association came out in support of Edwards.

One thing is for certain three weeks is a long  time in the world of politics and a lot of things can change. You can bet both candidates will continue to put their messages in front of voters as often as they possibly can between now and November 21st. Let's just hope the voter turnout will be better than it was for the October 24th election.