The holidays are again upon us. Another season of unique food items that magically appear this time of year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, delicious products make their way onto store shelves for you to take home and share with family and friends.

Among the items making their way to your stomach this holiday season is a relatively rare item that comes from a new specialty meat store in Scott, Kartchner's, Their holiday offering is a unique take on the Boudin Pie. Along with the boudin and sweet potato filling, it's topped with marshmallows for some extra sweetness.

According to their Facebook post, the pie has the "perfect, sweet and salty flavor." All that you have to do is warm up the pie and you are set.

This isn't the first time we've heard of boudin pie, as a few years ago, the Cane River Pecan Company launched their boudin pie which also included a pecan praline glaze to add to the decadence of the sweet and savory pie.

A more rare occurrence of the boudin pie can be found at the Farmers Market at Moncus Park in Lafayette courtesy of Tim Melancon, owner and operator of T-Moise Farms. If you're adept in the kitchen (or maybe just good at following directions) you can try your hand at making your own boudin pie by following the recipe found here.

We here in south Louisiana are accustomed to trying many things here, for example, boudin balls, so I'd bet good money that many of you would be willing to give this a try. Let me note here that I have heard good things about this pie.

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