The results of last fall's election have been personified in Vermilion Parish. Last night in a special meeting the embattled Vermilion Parish School Board met to swear in newly elected members and to elect a board president. Only one of those things was accomplished in last night's meeting. 

All of the members of The Board did take the oath of office. Then came the time to choose a board president. Members Jean Broussard and Kibbie Pilette were both nominated for the position.

Three times the board voted and three times the results were the same. The board was deadlocked at 4 votes for Broussard and 4 votes for Pilette. I guess that can happen when you have a board with an even number of members.

Board members then decided to adjourn and try to choose a school board president at their regularly scheduled meeting later this month. While it wasn't the very best beginning, as far as progress is concerned, for the new board. At least the police didn't have to be called and nobody got up and walked out of the meeting.

Compared to the events surrounding the VPSB over the past 12 months. I would say last night's special meeting may have been the most productive meeting that the board has had since last January.

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