I make no bones about it. I think the NFL is deliciously good theater. It's packed with drama and surprise. It's loaded with intrigue and espionage. It's a soap opera with concussions. That's entertainment!

Don't get me wrong. I do like football, I just don't see the NFL in the same way that a lot of you do. That's because I am a conspiracy theorist. I love to poke holes in things if only to make you stop and think, "that's just crazy enough  to be true".

The big news going around the office today is Jimmy Graham being traded to Seattle. Some around the office have gone full tilt doom and gloom, others are trying to put a positive spin saying that what we got or are going to get in return makes it a solid football move. I say it's all about merchandise.

I know a lot of people who have Jimmy Graham jerseys. They can't wear them anymore, at least until he doesn't play for Seattle. The NFL understands that in order to maximize the profit they  have to keep suckers (you) buying these overpriced jerseys. Let's face it, almost everybody who wanted a Jimmy Graham jersey has gotten one. Now the Saints and the league need you to go out and fork over another hundred and a half to buy the jersey of the next made for TV star.

I know it's a crazy idea, but just humor me and contemplate this. How many Jimmy Graham jerseys will now be bought in Seattle? How many Saints fans will have to find a replacement jersey for their current Graham, Curtis Lofton, Pierre Thomas, or Billy Joe Tolliver jersey? That adds up to real money my friends.

Money is what this whole theater group is based on. This is a league where they have rabid packs of lawyers scanning the airwaves every February for anyone who dares utter the words super bowl. You have to admit as far fetched as the concept is, you would not really be surprised if someday somebody blew the whistle and the whole farce was exposed.

In my next psychotic expose' I will explain why I think the NFL is secretly brainwashing Americans. How else could you explain anyone supporting the Dallas Cowboys?


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