A video emerged in 2013 showing what appears to be Saints Linebacker Junior Galette striking a women with a belt, and apparently the NFL knew about it.

The video, titled "Spring Break 2013 South Beach Brawl,"  shows what appears to be Galette wildly and viciously swinging his belt as a weapon, at a man first, then a woman. Two hard blows right in a row. A bystander even yells, "You're going to jail!" Everything about the video that was published back in March of 2013 looks bad. What looks even worse? The NFL and the Saints both knew, and they don't care to talk about it.

Larry Holder of NOLA.com and the Times Picayune reported that the Saints were aware of the situation as well as the NFL. The "shield" provided no comment on the matter.

Added on to Galette's recent off-the-field issues, his four year contract extension worth up to $41.5 million is being scrutinized by some football analysts. Galette's agent is silent, so far, on the matter, but his lawyer claims it is not Galette in the video. More updates are sure to come. Right now the acts are still alleged, which is important to keep in mind. With the NFL's handling of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Greg Hardy, an issue like this is sure to garner a lot of attention. It should be interesting hearing how the Saints and the NFL will try to address the resurfaced video.

Warning, the following video is not easy to watch. A man hits a woman with a belt, multiple times, and attacks others too. The video is titled properly. It is a brawl. There is foul language and unnecessary violence. Again, be warned.

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