The NFL has once again proven it is not going to let anyone involved in the the alleged bounty system that was a part of the New Orleans Saints defense walk away without punishment.The league has already suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton for next season and Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis for half of next year.Loomis is also under scrutiny for having access to an alleged listening device that was found in the visiting coaches box in the Superdome.

As far as today's action by the league,four players, two current Saints players and two former Saints players will miss at least part of the upcoming season. One player, Saints Linebacker Jonathon Vilma has been told to sit out the entire season for his alleged involvement. The other players, Saints defensive end Will Smith, will miss four games. Scot Fujita now with Cleveland will miss three games and Anthony Hargrave, now with Green Bay will sit out the first half of next season.

All of the players were suspended without pay. Vilma released a statement strongly denying any wrong doing on his part. According to sources all players plan to appeal the suspensions. Those close to the legal counsel for the players have said to expect litigation on  multiple fronts regarding the league's decision.