Most of the free world has been up in arms the past few days about the plans of North Korea. The controversy stemmed from a proposed rocket launch. It seems the North Korean government said the rocket launch was to put a satellite in to orbit to honor the memory of former leader Kim Il Sung.

Others around the globe said this was simply a cover being fabricated by the North Koreans to mask a long range missile test.The North Korean government is very similar to a honey badger when it comes to what the rest of the world thinks. They fired their rocket anyway. Regardless reports indicate the test was a total flop. The rocket launch was tracked by U.S. intelligence and reports indicate the craft fell apart in the Yellow Sea just off the Korean coast.

We here at the Bruce and the Kennel Club show have acquired video of what we believe could be an accurate depiction of the North Korean failed launch. Warning, the contents of this video are quite graphic in nature, discretion is advised.


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