When you send out 1.2 million letters telling people they owe you money your telephone is going to ring. The Office of Motor Vehicles has found that out over the past few days as many Louisiana citizens are looking for clarification of what is owed and if they even owe anything.

If you've received a letter from the Office of Motor Vehicles that indicates you have been assessed a fine for allowing your motor vehicle insurance to lapse you probably have questions. The OMV is making it easier for you to get those questions answered by extending their office hours to accommodate the volume of calls.

People have jobs, they have lives and they don’t have time to make these phone calls or go to the Office of Motor Vehicles during regular business hours or even call on their lunch break.

J.B. Slaton a spokesperson with Louisiana State Police made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. The extended hours for concerned citizens to voice their opinion or get clarification on their case are now 8 am to 8 pm.

The number is (225) 925-6146, we’re hoping with the extended hours that it really helps streamline and get people through.

Slaton says there still could be long wait times and he asks for everyone's patience in this matter.The plan is to continue the extended hours even on weekends until the volume of calls drops.

Letters notifying citizens of fines in excess of $525 dollars were mailed out last week. This money is being collected from those drivers that were fined for not having or allowing their automobile insurance to expire.  Under a new state provision the department now has an instrument to collect those unpaid fines through the Office of Debt Recovery.

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