I think if I won one million dollars playing the lottery I would be standing at the door of the lottery offices when they opened the next day. Obviously, for one Louisiana Lotto player, the need to get paid or the lack of knowledge that they have won could prevent them from claiming their one million dollar prize.

The one million dollar winner was from the August 25th Powerball drawing. The numbers in that drawing were 20-25-54-57-63 and the Powerball number was 08.

The winning ticket was purchased at Ideal Mart in New Orleans and the holder of the ticket has until 5 PM on Thursday, February 21st to stop by the lottery offices and claim their prize. The rules of the game state that a winning ticket must be redeemed within 180 days of the drawing.

Should the money go unclaimed, and yes sometimes that happens, the money will then be recycled back into lotto accounts and used for promotions and jackpots. By law, the money has to be used this way but I think it would be better if the person who bought the ticket claimed the prize.



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