This is the kind of story that would make the Maury Povich show proud. The TV show that prides itself on telling the story of questionable heritages would love to meet this monkey. A monkey named Conan who resides at Chimp Haven in Keithville Louisiana is once again a proud papa. DNA testing has proved that this third baby is his. What makes this story so unique is that Conan the three times over father has already had two vasectomies.

Chimp Haven is a retirement sanctuary for chimpanzees that have been used in for research purposes. Every male chimp that arrives at the sanctuary is given a vasectomy to help control the population. Obviously the two vasectomies that Conan had didn’t work out the way the doctors planned.

Chimp Haven cares for about 125 chimps. The great apes live in social groups of up to 20, as they do in the wild. The federal government covers three-quarters of the cost for housing animals used in federal research, but not for babies or chimps that were privately owned before coming to Chimp Haven.

Because of Conan's previous potency, Chimp Haven's humans had suspected that he was the father of Natalie, born Aug. 13. Her mother, Ginger, was found to be pregnant after a chimp named Flora gave birth to Valentina Rose, also Conan's daughter. Conan also has another child, 5 year old Tracy who lives at the sanctuary as well.

What do you think? Is Conan and amazing monkey with super reproduction powers or is Chimp Haven the home of some really shoddy veterinarians?

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