One of the first things I do when I check into a hotel is to scout out the room. I want to know where the TV remote is. Where the light switches are. If there is coffee for the coffeemaker. And if the previous guests have left any illegal substances behind that could harm me or get me into trouble with the law.

That last thing is exactly what happened to Teresa Fawcett who had booked a room in Opelousas on the I-49 Frontage Road. Ms. Fawcett noticed a cellophane bag filled with an unknown substance wrapped up inside a towel in her bathroom. She called the front desk and the police.

The next day Fawcett discovered another cache of contraband inside a tissue box in the room. It contained a spoon, some syringes, and something that looked like a sugar cube. Those items were also confiscated by police.

It turns out the previous guests had brought crystal meth, heroin, and all the other assorted paraphernalia needed to use those substances into the room and then left them behind.

Opelousas Police are continuing their investigation of the incident and speculation is the contraband may have belonged to previous guests of the hotel. Those guests reportedly had been arrested on sexual assault charges in the days before Fawcett moved into the room.


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