Chalk one up for the good guys. This time the guys in the "white hats" are members of the Opelousas Police Department, and no their standard-issue uniform hat is not white. But still, they are good guys and gals and yesterday they took some bad guys and their contraband off the city's streets.

Officers acting on a complaint about illegal activity in the 500 block of Raymond street raided a residence there. Upon further investigation, officers discovered a myriad of illegal drugs, weapons, and almost $7,500 in cash.

Three people were arrested and charged as part of the investigation. A report from KLFY TV listed the arrested as:

  1. Juan Bourgeois Jr. 20, of Opelousas, faces charges of Possession w/ intent to Distribute Schedule I Drugs, (Synthetic Marijuana) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Firearm in the presence of a CDS, and Transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses.
  2. Antoine Denton, 41, of Opelousas, faces charges of felon in possession of a firearm.
  3. Gerald Denton, 26, of Opelousas, faces charges of Possession of Schedule I drugs.

Police did not disclose whether their investigation was complete or if more arrests can be expected.


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