Somewhere in the land of the free and the home of the brave a concept known as common sense either got lost or was sent south of the border with a lot of our jobs. Did you ever think in your life the courts would be hearing a case or a potential case that came about by what people were wearing at a Wal-Mart in Shreveport?

That is the story my friend, a Caddo Parish councilman thinks that wearing pajama pants in public should be punishable by law. I agree that wearing pajama pants in public is not a good idea but I don't think I want my local police busting somebody for wearing a fleecy Spongebob in the produce section when they could be out apprehending real crooks, you know the ones we voted for.

I am sure the debate will rage on and more of us will weigh in on this issue than the issues of jobs, taxes and education. This is America. We are far too concerned with the unimportant to be bothered with the problems that will eventually suck us all down the toilet of despair.

So how do you feel about this important issue? Pajama pants, you can wear them where ever you want too because they are just like sweat pants only more comfortable or should they remain behind closed doors for only the family and the UPS drivers to see when they deliver your packages?