This is powerful stuff told by a master storyteller. In this day and age of "the cause of the day", radio legend Paul Harvey explains what happens when you really believe in a cause.

The signers of America's Declaration of Independence were not the college kids with an attitude, they were not the victimized social group, they were not the sign carrying sound byte savvy media hogs we see today. These men were all very well-to-do. They were the cream of our young nation's crop. They had social status and were living quite comfortably.

They were willing to risk it all so that you and I and the aforementioned groups could have the freedoms we have today. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything they had because their name was inscribed at the bottom of this sacred document. But what they lost gave birth to the country we are today.

On this day before fireworks and cookouts and trips to the beach take a moment to understand and appreciate what happened to those that carried the flame to light America's first birthday candle.

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