This morning I put a picture of an amazing item on my personal Facebook Page. It was of an amazing culinary creation called a PieCaken. It combines the goodness of pie with the gentle soothing satisfaction of cake. Much like the Cajun Turducken combines the flavor of chicken with the delightful taste of duck and brings it all together in the unforgettable temptation of turkey.


I am sure the first time you had a turducken you thought to yourself. How high was the guy that thought this thing up?

Enter the next round of engorgement engagement, the PieCaken. On the outside the PieCaken looks like your average delicious cake. There is a secret on the inside. That secret is not one but two pies! I was visiting the Shaky Baker Blog site to get the real story of the PieCaken and to find out just how difficult it is to make one. I don't think this is the kind of project for the first-time baker or someone who cooks with an Easy Bake Oven.

Can you imagine the possibilities of combining your favorite pie with your favorite cake in one giant plateful of epicurean sin? Forgive me Father, for I must eat. I think I would really love the cherry pie/chocolate cake and maybe the apple pie with yellow cake and cream cheese frosting.

Someone call Wilford Brimley. I am about to get the Dia-Beet-Us!

So is it possible to make your own PieCaken or do you need to have a professional handle the duties? Judging by what Ms. Tara writes in the Shaky Baker Blog, you need to know your way around the kitchen and have buns of steel to pull this one off. By the way, if you are a baker and love to cook, subscribe to Shaky Baker and visit the Baked Equation site too. I have dropped in on both of these sites for tips, a good laugh and some interesting behind the scenes tips that I really put to good use.

If you decide to go bakin' a PieCaken, I would love to have a slice.

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