The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana wants to remind residents that Summer is quickly approaching, and scams are popping up in a variety of areas.

If you're planning to make repairs to your home in the Summer months, or if you are planning a family vacation, they want you to watch out for people looking to take your money.

Sharane Gott of the BBB of Acadiana has often told KPEL listeners that scams are often repeated year after year because they work.

If an advertisement for a vacation or deal for home repairs just seems "too good to be true" then it likely is.

You can check out a company twenty-four hours, seven days a week by looking on

The BBB reminds residents that fake websites, run by fake travel agents, can quickly drain your account of your money.

Another time during the Summer months when someone can be susceptible to a scam is when you are moving to a new place.  Be aware that you should also check out a moving company before you do business with them.

The Better Business Bureau says, whatever the transaction you are trying to do, get confirmation of the quote or offer in writing, and never do business with a company that you don't know.

This same advice goes for anyone trying to get tickets to a concert.  Unless you are certain you are working with a legitimate ticket company, you can end up out of your money and with no tickets.

For information about any scam or questionable service or business, check with the Better Business Bureau first.

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