If you're a drinker you've probably had this fantasy. The one where you break into a liquor store and have your run of the refreshment selection available. None of you are as brave as this Florida possum.

The picture above is from the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. They posted that a police officer was notified by a liquor store employee that this little fellow was found on a shelf in the store next to an empty bottle. The officer brought the intoxicated creature to the wildlife refuge for recovery.  Which by the way, the animal is expected to make a full recovery and be returned to the wilderness around Fort Walton Beach.

The Facebook comments from fans of the refuge's page range from quite funny," He needs a Waffle House breakfast now" and " Wondering how much skunks drink to earn the title. Drunk as a skunk.This possum had goals.Outta my way Skunks!" to those of a more serious nature expressing passion and concern for the animals well being.


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