It's off to your mundane existence. I have one of those too and I am off to mine. That's because the Powerball lottery ping pong balls refused to bounce the way I commanded them to bounce last night. That means my quest for millions a moments notice were quickly passed up like a sumo wrestler at a salad bar.

You have probably guessed that there was no big money winner in Wednesday night's Powerball lottery drawing. That means on Saturday we can all get the fever again for an estimated $390 million. If you are greedy like me and can't wait to vacation on an island paradise the cash takeaway would be an estimated $270.5 million.

Wednesday July 20th 2016 Winning Numbers: 6-25-35-58-66 PB 5

No players held a ticket that matched all five numbers with or without the Powerball. That means the top tier prizes were unclaimed last night. There were five one million dollar winners but those tickets were purchased in New York and Rhode Island.

The next Powerball drawing will be Saturday night at 9:59 PM. You must have your ticket secured by at least one hour before the drawing to have a chance to win.