A St. Mary Parish prison inmate has been arrested while he was already incarcerated. The crime? St. Mary officials say that inmate Kenneth Wayne Rollins used batteries from a television remote control to start a fire in the jail. He has now been charged with fire-raising in a correctional facility.

The fire was reportedly being used by several inmates housed at the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center. The inmates were using the fire underneath a table to reportedly cook food.

Upon further investigation, officers determined that Rollins actually started the blaze. He later admitted to officers that he did so by using two batteries obtained from a television remote control unit. 

We don't know if Rollins, who is listed as a resident of Patterson, is actually related to TV's MacGyver but you have to admit, the whole starting a cookfire with two batteries does sound like something Ol' Mac would have done. Of course, MacGyver would have never been arrested because he was one TV's good guys.

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