It's a mainstay of any political speech. The often unfulfilled promises of creating an educational system for our children that will create leaders of the future. Just about every politician I have ever heard stump for your vote and mine has spewed this manure like a fertilizer spreader in a Jeff Davis Parish bean field.

Politicians say they care about education. Politicians that have been elected don't give a , use another word for manure here, about your kids or mine once they've gotten the job.

However, this year's budget fiasco has created a new sense of urgency among Louisiana's higher education community and leaders. There have got to be some protections built into place that will prevent funding for higher education being on the chopping block with every budget cycle. There is no way a college or university can plan for the future when there are no certainties about available funding.

Dr.Joe Rallo is Louisiana's Higher Education Commissioner.  He told the Louisiana Radio Network that despite being spared the budget knife this year, higher education funding is still not guaranteed.

When the new governor comes in, one of the things were going to be really trying to bring to his attention is the fact that we are still unprotected every year.

One of the things the commission will ask of the new Governor is protect the funding available to the state's schools. They will ask for assurances that a certain amount of money is guaranteed and will not be touched by the legislature to fund shortfalls in other areas of the budget.

Governor Jindal has been especially good at robbing Louisiana's future by allowing higher education to be the milked dry cash cow for his inability to govern and maintain financial stability.

Five years ago our budget was about 1.5 billion dollars and every year it's been cut. This year we were starting at about 720-million.

It is no wonder our schools are suffering and our best and brightest students are having to look outside the state for better educational opportunities. Let's hope the next Governor is interested in serving Louisiana and its future, not just his or her own personal political ambitions.