If you thought the landfall of Hurricane Hanna on the Lower Texas Coast on Saturday would bring an end to our very wet days across Acadiana then you'd be mistaken. True, we did pick up quite a bit of moisture from Hanna as the system slid by to our south over the weekend but that doesn't mean Mother Nature is ready to kill the waterworks just yet.

An abundance of Gulf of Mexico moisture currently has the atmosphere over Acadiana feeling quite thick. The fact that the cloud cover and breezes have held the temperature in check is the only reason we aren't all screaming about the heat index.

This moisture is expected to interact with a weak upper-level disturbance that's in close proximity to the area. This system will provide the instability needed to fire up that Gulf moisture into tropical showers and downpours for the next few days.

Forecasters say an additional one to two inches of rainfall will not be uncommon between now and Wednesday when things finally start to improve. Some rainfall model forecasts have the Lafayette area on tap to receive another one to three inches of rain depending on the model solution you check out.

Look for the above-normal rain chances to slowly move out of the area later this week. We should be returning to our more normal forecast of hot, humid, and afternoon showers and thunderstorms by Thursday.


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