Here's a prime example of adding insult to injury.

By now, the world knows how badly the New Orleans Saints were robbed of an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. We've seen that play over, and over again. Any die-hard Saints fan will tell you it's still haunting us day and night.

The Rams cornerback responsible for the egregious pass interference on Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis took to social media to taunt Saints fans, doubling down on his admission that he meant to interfere with Lewis.

To quote Robey-Coleman, he 'smacked his a**.'

Alright, we're going to get straight to the point: The call about last night. Obviously, I smacked his a**. I done put that boy on a m***********' Wafflehouse frying pan!

The 27-year-old cornerback is clearly trying to get under the skin of the Who Dat Nation, but the truth is. He didn't do anything great. He got burned. He even admitted it himself in the post game interview when he told reporters he was shocked to get up from the play and see no flag was thrown.

I'm going to avoid being petty by going into too much detail, but Robey-Coleman depended on pass interference a LOT during the game. Just ask Michael Thomas.

Robey-Coleman ended the video by laughing at the Who Dat Nation, but all he did was show us that in addition to being a sub-par player who got smoked on a route, he severely lacks class.

Ironically, the only person that Robey-Coleman is hurting with his taunting, is Roger Goodell, as we're now over 48 hours removed from the travesty of a non-call that cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl, and still—radio silence from the NFL and its commissioner.

Congrats Robey-Coleman, you've just doubled down on the fact that you targeted Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis with the intent to "smack" him right into the "MFn Waffle House frying pan" that you described in your video. Believe me when I say this is the last thing Goodell or the NFL wants to see go viral right now, so... you know what to do. :)

Hit that share button and let's keep this highway robbery top of mind until the NFL gives us any kind of action.

Oh, and to Robey-Coleman, good luck against Tom Brady.

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