Standing in at ten-feet tall, Amorphophallus titanum is a monster plant with a monster smell. Northwestern State University is home to one such "Corpse Flowers" that is set to bloom after 8 years of care at the facility. Affectionately know around campus as "Mr. Stinky" these Corpse Flowers are said to smell like a mix of Limburger cheese, sweaty socks, and rotten meat.

The smell is to attract carrion-eating insects to act as pollinators for the giant plant. It is native to the Sumatran and Indonesian rain forests,  and the first documented flowerings in the United States were at the New York Botanical Gardens in 1937 and 1939.

"Mr Stinky" at Northwestern State University was obtained in 2012, when the now gargantuan plant was only the size of a half-dollar. The Corpse Flower, when it blooms will show a beautiful and extra-smelly purple flower that will remain open for up to 2 days, before it either dies, or re-blooms in another 8-10 years.

Northwestern has set up cameras to capture the blooming of the rare and amazing flower on a streaming video as well as a time-lapse video when the bloom is over. This is the only Corpse Flower close to blooming in the state, and the Biology Department at Northwestern State University could not be more excited for the bloom.

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