Chris Louwien had a proposal planned out for his girlfriend, Kirstyn Johnson, which included dinner at The Little Big Cup in Arnaudville. The best part of the proposal was a surprise for him as well. Ray Boudreaux, from season 5 of The Voice, just so happen to be dining at the restaurant and caught wind of the proposal that was about to happen next to him.

Chris said he had been dating Kirstyn for about 14 months when he “just knew she was the one.” Chris said he asked his son, Isaac, how he felt about it and he was all for it. As a matter of fact, the 9-year-old, then 8, immediately wrote out a proposal on a sheet of paper.

Chris Louwien Facebook

Chris said after saving for the engagement ring, he went to Lafayette Jewelers to pick out the perfect ring. He suggested they have a date night and Kirstyn said she wanted him to select the restaurant and surprise her.

Chris chose The Little Big Cup, which is the perfect spot in my opinion. He reached out to the staff and let them know he was going to propose. Chris said they were eager to help and even offered champagne. Chris said all he knew was they had a reservation outside by the water, there was champagne, he was going to propose, and the waiter was going to video the proposal. What he didn’t know was that the singer/songwriter, Ray Boudreaux, and his girlfriend were dining outside near them until they sat down for dinner.

While the proposal was happening, Ray Boudreaux decided to serenade the couple.  Another guest dining there just so happens to be a photographer and captures the entire proposal. She said YES!  What a perfect moment. The Little Big Cup shared the video on their Facebook page and naturally, it has been making the rounds because it is such a beautiful story.

Chris Louwien Facebook

It’s a positive story and I hope it helps promote Ray Boudreaux and The Little Big Cup. I am grateful for how perfect it turned out for not being planned.

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