Apache Corporation and Durio Growers have made a tree grant so that ReCover Acadiana can add some beauty to our community.

The group is calling this initiative "Community ReLeaf."  The program plans to beautify landscapes, gateways and streets with trees.

The group is launching the program as park of Project Frontyard.

The goal is to increase green landscapes in public places.  Volunteers will plant trees all over Acadiana including parks, coulees and in urban areas.

You can expect to see trees planted in the following parks:

  • Dorsey-Donlon Park
  • Beaver Park
  • Graham-Brown Memorial Park

The group says trees will add multiple environmental and aesthetic benefits to our community:

  • It will improve the first impression visitors have of the city
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Boost property values
  • Foster social and community stewardship
  • Reduce noise pollution as trees act as a buffer zone from traffic
  • Prevent flooding by absorbing storm water
  • Reduce stress of commuters

ReCover Acadiana is a philanthropic arm of the 705 club for young professionals.  This group will work to beautify the community and reduce blight in the community.

ReCover Acadiana is also hoping that their program will be a motivator to other groups and residents to invest in community pride.