Our good friend Sammy Kershaw pointed out something really cool from the Saints-Eagles game on Saturday night. New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had Sammy's Better Than I Used to Be album cover on one side of his play call sheet.

Now that's cool!

Here's the picture from the album cover and then here's a picture of the play call sheet that Sammy sent us from his TV. It's a little tough to see but you can tell a bit that the pictures match.

SammyKershaw "Better Than I Used to Be" Album Cover
Big Hit Records
Rob Ryan's Call Sheet
Submitted Photo by Sammy Kershaw

You may recall the title track from this CD. It has been played a lot over the last couple of years here on 97.3 The Dawg. Tim McGraw would later record it and release it as a single. A lot of radio stations across the country played the McGraw version. While we love Timmy Mac, we love Sammy K a little more and think his version was a whole lot more honest and raw. (P.S., don't tell Tim we said that.)

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