This past Thursday night at Cowboys Night Club in Lafayette, we had one heck of a party with Russell Dickerson for the 8th annual Rowdy Christmas Concert.

A packed house in Cajun country and the last night of Russell's 2018 tour were ingredients for a rowdy good time. And boy did Russell not disappoint.

Of course he played his hits and even sprinkled in some interesting covers like R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" to the 69 Boyz' "Tootsie Roll".

But it was the end of the last song of the night that stopped everyone dead in their tracks.

Russell finished his set with his two number one songs, "Blue Tacoma" and "Yours", with the latter being the finale. And at the very end of "Yours", he leaned in to the crowd and gazed lovingly at a lovely young lady.

As everyone watched on, Russell swooned in and planted a huge and passionate kiss on this woman.

"What and the hell is he doing?" was my initial thought. Some concert-goers even made comments to us after the show wondering why Russell (a married man) was kissing another woman.

We're here to ease everyone's worried little mind.

It was amazing wife Kailey, who has been by his side since day one. The two were just putting a nice bow on the best year of Russell's career and quite possibly their lives together.

And here's the visual proof...


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