Unfortunately, every Parish, city, and neighborhood in Acadiana has crime. Instead of focusing on the negative, we figured we'd rather talk about some of the fantastic neighborhoods throughout Acadiana and highlight "The Safest Neighborhoods in Lafayette and Acadiana". Let's go...

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Staff Photo

FBI's Crime Data Explorer

The Uniform Crime Reporting Program has just released its latest 2022 report through the FBI's Crime Data Explorer.

The UCR "generates reliable statistics for use in law enforcement. It also provides information for students of criminal justice, researchers, the media, and the public."

Included in the reports are crimes such as theft, burglary, murder, rape, property damage, motor vehicle theft, and assault.

Obviously, there's a good bit of scary information in these reports, and Acadiana has its fair share.

However, instead of focusing on the uncomfortable truths, we decided to flip the script and focus on the positives.

Neighborhoodscout.com has done a great job of putting all of the information in an easily searchable format, so you can look at all of the crime-related information HERE.

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Facebook Via DevelopingLafayette

Something else the folks at neighborhoodscout.com have done is compiled the crime data to rank the safest neighborhoods in every city in the US.

Below are the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Lafayette and Acadiana.

If you don't see a particular neighborhood you're looking for, you can search for it at neighborhoodscout.com.

The information you'll find below is, in most cases, are more areas of a city rather than a specific subdivision.

A neighborhood is technically defined as "a district, especially one forming a community within a town or city" by dictionary.com.

If you want to see more specifically where you live in relation to the areas listed, just click your city's name to see the map.

City of New Iberia, Facebook
City of New Iberia, Facebook

Safest Neighborhoods In New Iberia

1. Bronson / Oubre

2. Lozes

3. Bob Acres / Brousville

4. Daspit

5. Gajan / Morbihan

Crowley Historic District
Staff Photo

Safest Neighborhoods In Crowley

1. Ellis / Maxie

2. Ebenezer / Lyons Point

3. Crowley Northeast

4. Crowley East

5. Crowley South

Elena Schweitzer, ThinkStock

Safest Neighborhoods In Sunset

1. Bristol / Frozard

2. Cankton

3. Grand Coteau

via Google Street View
via Google Street View

Safest Neighborhoods In Broussard

1. Capitan

2. Broussard West

3. Billeaud / City Center

4. Elks / Walroy

Downtown Lafayette Sign
Downtown Lafayette Facebook

Safest Neighborhoods In Lafayette

1. New Flanders

2. Duhon Rd / Lagneaux Rd

3. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy / la Neuville Rd

4. Acadiana Wood

5. Johnston St / E Broussard Rd

Chuck Landry
Chuck Landry

Safest Neighborhoods In Abbeville

1. Abbeville North

2. Cheniere au Tigre / Esther

3. Charon

4. Mack

5. Grosse Isle / Rose Hill

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Facebook
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Facebook

Safest Neighborhoods In Breaux Bridge

1. Cecilia

2. Gecko

3. Breaux Bridge East

4. Champagne / Nina Station

5. Atchafalaya / Butte La Rose

Opelousas Travel Facebook
Opelousas Travel Facebook

Safest Neighborhoods In Opelousas

1. Shuteston / Veazie

2. Ledoux / Plaisance

3. Nuba

4. Boscoville / Gibbs

5. Opelousas South

Amber Laviolette
Amber Laviolette

Safest Neighborhoods In Rayne

1. Rayne East

2. City Center

3. Arceneau / Castille

4. Rayne West

Evangeline Oak
City of St. Martinville

Safest Neighborhoods In St. Martinville

1. Delacroix / Keystone

2. Banker Plantation / Bankers

3. Catahoula

4. Parks East

5. Parks

Bonnie Barry / City of Eunice
Bonnie Barry / City of Eunice

Safest Neighborhoods In Eunice

1. Frey / Judd

2. Bates / Hundley

3. Eunice Northeast

4. Eunice East

5. Eunice North


Safest Neighborhoods In Church Point

1. Deshotell / Higginbotham

2. Lewisburg / Swords

3. Town Center

4. Church Point North

Scott Boudin Festival Association
Scott Boudin Festival Association

Safest Neighborhoods In Scott

1. City Center

2. Scott West

3. Scott North

4. Sadou

Sammy Kershaw The Blues Got Me album interview 2016
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Safest Neighborhoods In Kaplan

1. Andrew / Indian Bayou

2. Mulvey

3. City Center


Safest Neighborhoods In Carencro

1. Carencro West

2. Stekey

3. Carencro East

4. Vatican

5. City Center / Gloria

Youngsville Sports Complex, Facebook
Youngsville Sports Complex, Facebook

Safest Neighborhoods In Youngsville

1. City Center

2. Youngsville South

3. Youngsville West

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