If you didn't know, Saints RB Alvin Kamara's favorite candy is Airheads. He likes to pass them out after scoring touchdowns, so he's passed out quite a few so far this season. Nola.com reports the star running back is now getting his own Airheads flavor. It's called “Alvin Kamara’s Watermelon Zoom!" and the package features Kamara's face.

Stephanie Creech with Perfetti Van Melle said "We’ve produced these specifically for Alvin so this season he has something of his very own to give out to his teammates and fans, and we’re confident that he’ll have enough to get through the playoffs.”

A few years ago, I sent Saints head coach Sean Payton more than 100 packs of Juicyfruit gum after he revealed it to be his only game day superstition.