At this point, the Falcons are just making it too easy.

It's no secret that the Saints and Falcons have one the best rivalries in all of sports but, much like an old Roadrunner cartoon, the Saints always seem to have their number.

The Saints swept the Falcons for the second season in a row, and what makes the victory even sweeter is how the Saints managed to drop a solid "how it started" vs. "how it's going" using Atlanta's own petty pregame tweet against them.

The Falcons wouldn't even acknowledge the Saints by name, referring to them merely as "visitor" on the in-stadium scoreboard. Again, blatant disrespect, but even pettier considering they pointed it out in a tweet on social media. Little did they know that tweet would provide the platform for yet another epic Saints clap back after New Orleans beat the Falcons for the second time this season.

I'm sorry, but the 28-3 joke is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and the Saints definitely brought petty presents for all of us with that tweet.

The tweet is actually a bittersweet moment for me because with the sweep of Atlanta complete the Saints have also knocked them out of playoff contention—so that means we won't see this side of the rivalry for at least another year.

Until then, %#*! the Falcons.


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