We are always on the lookout for new and different ways to save your money and your time. You've told us those two things are very important to you. And, if we toss in your health, that makes this hack even more interesting for those who don't mind breaking with the status quo and trying new things.

One of the great advantages of shopping at warehouse stores is the huge savings. These giant stores offer what is known by bean counters as economies of scale. In other words, they can buy in bulk and pass the cost savings down to you. But that cost savings do come with a price.

Sam's Club To Close Over 60 Stores
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The "price" in this case is not monetary is more along the logistical way things have to operate when you shop at a warehouse store like Sam's Club or a Costco. For me, the issue with these kinds of stores has always been having to purchase way too much of something. The product sizes sold in these kinds of stores are usually a lot larger than the "normal" sized products you'd find in a regular grocery store.

And when you couple in the fact that stores like Sam's and Costco don't let you bag your stuff transporting your items to and from your car can be quite time-consuming. And, there is always the risk of an errant item rolling loosely under the seats of your car and living there for decades.

OurFunCircus via YouTube
OurFunCircus via YouTube

It's the logistical aspect of shopping at these stores that some very intuitive shoppers have managed to hack with a very common household item. That item is your plastic laundry hamper or basket.

Here's how it works.

Many shoppers like to take the plastic bins into the store with them. They simply place the bins in their shopping cart and when the cashier rings their purchases up, they place all those loose items back in the basket in the buggy. It certainly makes for easy transportation from the cart to the car and more importantly from the car to your house.

Now, if you're not comfortable using a plastic hamper or bin you might try and find a spare display box around the store. This will help keep your items under control while you're driving them home.

But as for me, I am going laundry hamper. I already have a couple of large ones that I can put in my truck. They have handles that make them easy to carry. And, they can carry a lot of weight which is required if you're going to purchase the nineteen-pound block of cheese, which is the small size, at Sam's.

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