Just imagine you open your work email account and see a message from yourself. Except you didn't write the email nor did you send it. The message begins like this.

I am a spyware softw­are developer.
Your account has been hacked by me in the summer of 2019.

You can check it - I sent this message from your account.

First, I admire this particular lowlife for identifying himself or herself as a worthless piece of horse poop. Can you tell my opinions about hackers are not too high?

The letter goes on to say that they have been "monitoring" my activity online and they have "harvested solid dirt" on me. And, if I don't want this information to become public I should transfer $786.00 in Bitcoin currency to their account.

Well, I didn't do that. Nor am I going to do that. Should you happen to receive a similar letter or email you shouldn't do it either. This is a scam. Like most internet scams these days it's pretty impressive. It looks legit and if I was an unsuspecting individual I could see falling for it.

Oh, yes .. I'm know your secret life, which you are hiding from everyone.
Oh my God, what are you­r like... I saw THIS ... Oh, you dir­ty naughty person ... :)

I took photos and videos of your most passio­nate funs with adult content, and synchronized them in real time with the image of your camera.
Believe it turned out very high quality!

However, I know my life. It's boring. The only dirty pictures I have are of my dog rolling in the mud after his bath.

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I also want to know how the hacker arrived at $786.00 for the amount. Doesn't that seem like an odd number? Why not an even $1,000? Are pictures of my dirty dog not worth a thousand bucks? I guess it doesn't really matter since I won't be paying anything to anybody anytime soon.

While I am making light of these hacking attempt it is a very serious crime and can lead to serious issues for people that fall for it. Should you receive an email such as the one I have shared with you it should be reported.

If you're not sure how to report a scam here are some suggestions from Louisiana's Attorney General Jeff Landry.  Our suggestion should receive an email such as this one is to report it and then delete it. Trust me, no Nigerian Princes will be offended if you do.

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