The much anticipated 'cubes' for New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival have been released, and it's time to make your plans about who you are going to see, and where they are going to be!

The schedules are listed for each day of Jazz Fest, which is Friday, April 27 through Sunday, May 6, and includes locations and times for entertainment at all of the stages, and the tents. These cubes are hour by hour for each day, so it's a comprehensive guide to where all the action is.

The schedules also includes other activities at the New Orleans Fairgrounds during the two weekend festival. The parades, Native American Pow Wow, the Belize Pavilion, arts and crafts vendors, food booths, and the ever popular 'Mr Okra'. I love to find the Roman Candy Cart as soon as I get inside the fairgrounds every year! Side note: the lovely Aretha Franklin has been replaced with Rod Stewart on Saturday, April 28.

You can customize your own Jazz Fest experience now that the cubes are out. Check out the talent announcement video below, and get ready for some fun, y'all!

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