This Foodie Friday we find our culinary femme fatal, Chef Jill McCoy somewhere in Delaware. She was headed there for a family wedding. As Chef Jill sat in the airport waiting for her flight to Philadelphia we discussed food. That's usually all we talk about since she has an interest in cooking and I have an interest in eating.

The subject of an Original Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich came up. I told the good Chef she had to have one when her flight landed in Philly. She insisted that she was going to be true to her no carb, no dairy diet. I hate people with willpower.

That's when Chef Jill shipped down this super seafood dish that I will be making this evening.

Here in South Louisiana we all love shrimp. We are kinda keen on scallops too. I like to call them the marshmallows of the sea. When pan seared to perfection the delicate sweetness of these two incredible seafood dishes just pops off the plate and on to your palate.

What I have found out about peas is they are a love hate food. They are kind of like guacamole, eggplant, and cilantro. You either really like those foods or you really don't. I think a lot of people have pea flashbacks to their childhood.

This pea puree takes the horror out of eating peas and lets you really enjoy the fresh flavor of the vegetable. I think I am going to love this dish and I bet you will too. I just wish Chef Jill could be like me and have a Philly Cheese Steak while she is there right next to them.

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