Despite the notion, that some non-LSU fans would snicker about the Tiger faithful are not fair weather fans. Especially when it comes to putting their money where their mouths are.  While attendance at college football games nationwide has dropped over the past few seasons, the demand for season tickets at LSU remains strong.

There had been several concerns about how the new tax laws would affect a fan's ability to purchase season tickets. Those concerns don't appear to be slowing down the faithful as LSU's ticket office is still reporting a waiting list for season tickets.

The other concern with the football program in regard to ticket sales has been the very un-LSU like performance of the team on the field. The Tigers' haven't had a ten win season since 2013 yet passion for the program remains strong.

This year's Tiger Stadium games feature contests with Southeastern Louisiana, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Georgia, Louisiana Tech, Alabama, and Rice. That's a pretty good lineup of games if you ask me. But if you're planning on being there for all of them you might want to get to stepping on securing your tickets.

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