Family Feud is a wonderful show that brings people together and gives us some of the dumbest answers in game show history.  On this first day of the ninth month, we present one of the most classic bad answers in that show's long history.

Let's hit the Wayback Machine and travel to 1977.  Family Feud, in just its second year on air, was the #1 game show on TV.  On one particular episode, the Trejo family won the right to play fast money.  Team captain Cathy opted to play first.  Little did anyone know that she would give one of the greatest answers in game show history.

The question:  "Name a month during pregnancy in which a woman begins to look pregnant."

The Trejo family returned to the Feud in 1994 when Richard Dawson returned as the show's host.  Fortunately for them, there were no more "September" moments.


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