It certainly seems that Louisiana has been under the gun for severe weather an awful lot here lately. That threat is continuing this morning as the latest severe weather forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center place much of the state at some risk for severe weather over the next 24 to 48 hours.

The Storm Prediction Center forecast suggests that northwest Louisiana will be under an "enhanced risk" of severe storms today. Most of the rest of north and central Louisiana has been included in the "slight risk" of severe weather during the day on Wednesday as well.

By Thursday the severe threat is forecast to cover almost the entire state, including the Lafayette and Acadiana area. As of now, forecasters with the SPC Office are suggesting a "slight risk" of severe storms as part of our Thursday forecast.

Besides the risk of tornadoes, damaging winds, and strong thunderstorms, flooding rains could create the most havoc in Acadiana over the next several days. Rainfall totals of four to six inches will not be uncommon over the area between now and Sunday evening.

In the Lafayette area, the National Weather Service forecast suggests that today, Wednesday, will only bring a moderate threat of rain to the area. Rain chances are forecast to increase during the day on Thursday with the greatest chances of rain entering the area on Friday and lasting through Saturday night and Sunday morning.


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