Wednesday many residents across Acadiana experienced heavy rainfall, a lot of lighting and in some cases winds strong enough to snap limbs and push down trees. There is certainly a chance that we could see a repeat of that kind of weather again today.

Forecasters with the Storm Prediction Center say most of Louisiana is at a "slight risk" for severe storms today. This means thunderstorms with damaging winds, frequent lightning, small hail, and the possibility of tornadoes will affect the area over the next 24 hour period.

In addition to the severe weather threat, most of South Louisiana is set to receive a good soaking rainfall over the next several days. National Weather Service meteorologists in Lake Charles say the greatest threat for heavier rain will come in the northwestern sections of Acadiana between now and Sunday.

Rainfall potential for the Lafayette area is expected to be between two and four inches over the next 48 to 72 hours. Those rainfall totals could be in excess of six inches in central and southwestern parts of the state. Conditions should begin to improve around the area late in the day on Sunday.

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