Is there anything more elegant than champagne? Is there anything more delicious than shrimp? Could there be anything more delicious than combining those two ingredients in an easy to make dish? I think not.

We begin the new year of Foodie Friday with Chef Jill McCoy with a dish that is a great date night, make together dish. I find any dish that involves alcohol in the cooking to be wonderful as a  meal to make together. You can just buy extra booze and drink while you cook. I have never cooked barbecue sober so I know the value of adding booze to the chef as well as the recipe.

Chances are you can find shrimp just about anywhere. The prices are good and the quality is high. Champagne is readily available as well and the way Chef Jill tells us to put them together you're going the love the outcome.

This recipe is so very easy to follow. It is basically adding ingredients to a pan. It's that simple. If you can boil water then you can create the pasta too. The ingredients are flavorful and really add a deep profile to the goodness of this very simple yet elegant meal. The colors of the tomato and the shrimp make for an elegant presentation and the cream sauce created with the champagne is quite light and refreshing, even though it's a cream sauce.

Your cook time is minimal and your prep time is basically spent on chopping a few shallots and tomatoes and when you're drinking champagne any reason to prolong the activity is a good thing.  I think you will find this dish a lot of fun to create and the rave reviews you will get from your guests will make the effort more than worth it. Just in case you do wind up with a little leftover this makes a wonderful Tupperware treat for lunch the next day.


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