Shut up and take my money, it's a website full of cool gadgets. By cool gadgets I mean a place where guys would spend hours wishing and hoping and dreaming. I am sure they have stuff for girls but those things didn't really catch my eye. Here are some of the items that will be appearing on my next birthday wish list.


Black Light Bubbles - Hey for a little over $7 bucks I can flash back to the 1970's and indulge my inner child. Black light posters and pictures have always intrigued me so seeing bubbles floating around with a mysterious glow would have to provide hours of mindless entertainment. I am sure the kids of today would not understand the serenity of following a floating bubble. Unless of course there was a computer game for the iPad called "Blowing Bubbles".

Corner Cutting Board- I am surprised there is not one of these in every outdoor kitchen in Acadiana. What is the most difficult part of preparing a gumbo or etouffee? That's right, staying sober and up right until it is time to eat. The second most difficult part of that task is chopping all the veggies. This corner cutting board offers not only stability but allows the cook to utilize an underutilized portion of the counter, the corner.

Water Bottle With Storage Compartment- The most arduous task of any festival goer or outdoor event attendee is juggling all the crap you're going to need. This unique bottle combines the basic necessities into one easy to carry combo. It's your water and your  money and it's all in one hand. This would be perfect for joggers, walkers and other over achievers too. I like the fact that nobody is going to steal your water bottle because they don't know what kind of cooties you might have, therefore your money is also protected by an unseen biological security force. It makes perfect sense to me.

Charcoal BBQ Pizza Oven- Cooking out is fun. Eating pizza is fun. Why not combine the two? Because the pizza would fall through into the coals that is why! Not any more my friends, not with the charcoal BBQ pizza oven. This unique grill topper turns your average grill into a professional grade pizza oven in one simple step. That way if you're having folks over and their snotty little kids don't want man food like burgers and dogs. You can give the little drool monkeys pizza! You come off as an amazing host, the little yard apes are quiet and you have more burgers and steaks for you.

Female Urination Device- You're probably thinking, what the heck? Why would Bruce or any other guy want to get this? Here is the reasoning, vacation time is coming. That means a long time in the car. That means stopping every 15 minutes so the female members of the travel party can empty their thimble sized bladders and then buy a 64 ounce Diet Coke. With the "Go Girl" the problem is solved. Any thing a guy can 'go' into is now fair game for the ladies! Just go in the car in a Gatorade bottle and cut your rest stops in half.




This are just some of the cool gadgets that caught my eye. I am sure you could find some other items to go on  your wish list. Shopping can be fun, when it's not shoes and back to school clothes.