Yes, these signs have been out for a while now, but they recently caught my attention while driving through the lovely city of Scott, La.

At various intersections throughout Scott small signs have been posted under the STOP signs to remind you about safety while behind the wheel.

The signs in the small southern town remind drivers to always buckle up and to put the phone down.

City of Scott FB Page

Distracted drivers across the country are often responsible for a number of accidents, and the City of Scott wants to remind you that a phone call or text message can wait.

Recently I asked on the radio what angers you most while out in public, and the majority of the callers said people on their cell phones while driving.

Look, I applaud the City of Scott for putting these signs up because I feel that we can't be reminded enough about public safety.

Let's just hope now that the message is heard loud and clear.

Oh, one more thing, let me slide my disclaimer in here, the person who took this photo was sitting in the passenger seat of my vehicle as I came to a complete stop at this intersection.

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