The death of a loved one is hard enough on a family. Imagine visiting that final resting place, or what you thought was your loved ones final resting place, for over 20 years only to find out, your loved one isn't there. That is exactly what has happened to two sisters in Queens New York.

Evelyn and Hortense Edwards had purchased a plot for their beloved Mother at New Jersey's Rosehill cemetery in 1990 after their mother had passed away. Since that time the sisters have been frequent visitors to their mother's grave and recently notified the owner of the cemetery that the grave had fallen into disrepair. That is when a cemetery worker delivered the shocking news, the grave they had been visiting was not their Mother's final resting place.

It turns out their Mother was buried about 90 feet away! They had been mistakenly  paying respects to a gentleman who was buried where their Mom was supposed to be.  As you might imagine they are quite upset and are looking for the cemetary to make them feel better to the tune of 25 million dollars.

I can understand the hurt feelings, but $25 million really? That seems a little steep to me. What do you think? Is the price right for this kind of mistake or should it be even higher?