Only 9 ‘American Idol‘ contestants are left vying for the top spot in America’s hearts, and this week country rocker Skylar Laine showed her sass with a rendition of Miranda Lambert‘s revenge hit ‘Gunpowder & Lead.’ Each contestant got to pick a song from their real-life idol to perform this week, and the little country songstress says Lambert is it for her.

Backstage in her rehearsal with record label exec Jimmy Iovine and legendary singer Stevie Nicks, Laine impressed the mentors and even got to practice the up-tempo number with Nicks singing the harmonies. Encouraging the hopeful in the way of country music, Nicks advised, “Really try to remember that you are telling this great story, so right now you’re like a major storyteller. Remember that.”

When her moment in the spotlight hit, Laine came full-force with the energy of a country rocking pro. Clad in a very Lambert-esque black studded leather jacket, tight black jeans and red shirt, Laine played the part and proved that she’s got the chops and the nerve control it takes to command the stage and the audience. When her performance ended with a swell and even some pyrotechnics (sparks show anyone?), Laine awaited the judges’ feedback.

“This is what I like about the Skylar part of the show,” Jennifer Lopez began. “The Skylar part of the show is … unbridled.” Steven Tyler chimed in with his praise as well, saying, “Skylar that was over the top. That was like you were singing to your old friend.” He also pointed out that he heard a lot of Galvaston in her song, though Randy Jackson joked that it was really some Dallas, admitting he was from the “Dirty South” just like Laine.

All in all, the Mississippi native made it out with all praise and just one admonition from Jackson, who brought the advice full-circle at allude back to what Nicks had offered: “Remember you’re telling a story.”

Watch Skylar Laine Perform ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ on ‘American Idol’

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