We've made it in to daylight saving time and we're almost to Easter that means one thing, it's 5k season. The 5 kilometer or 3.1 mile race, run, walk, limp or stroll is the predominate distance this time of year for those who want to get in shape for Summertime swimsuits.

There are several great 5k events that are coming up in the Lafayette area and best of all there is one that is perfect for your training and ability. A lot of people think 5k's are just for hard core runners, that couldn't be further from the truth. The running community in the Lafayette area is a very welcoming group. Fellow runners love to see new people out on the streets and getting themselves in shape or running for a reason. Running for a reason is probably the best thing about 5k season in South Louisiana, there are so many groups, organizations and causes that you can support simply by getting off your couch and joining in. It doesn't matter if you walk, push a stroller or skip to the tune of your favorite radio station.

There is a 5k coming up that you need to be a part of. Remember to check back to the events page on this website often for the latest fund raisers and races, we try to keep you on your feet and on the street. If you need some advice on how to get started in your road running adventure I suggest you get to know the folks at Geaux Run in the Oil Center or the Cajun Road Runners they have helped me out tremendously in my time on the streets. It's not about how fast, it's about forward momentum, you can do this!