Imagine going to hop in your car to leave for work in the morning and you notice an 8-foot alligator hanging out underneath your car. Would you catch it or just call in sick for work?



Slidell, Louisiana Man Captures Alligator In His Driveway

In this viral video, you see someone from a Slidell pest control company walking up to the 8-foot alligator that's hanging out underneath a parked car.

Then, the guy jabs a lasso stick thing into the alligator's mouth, then calmly drags the alligator out from underneath his car once he gets the rope caught on what seems to be the gator's teeth.

He lassoed the dinosaur's giant, flesh-ripping, terrifying teeth.

Sure, that guy is a professional and has obviously wrangled a few gators throughout his career, but it's still pretty impressive.

As the alligator is successfully extracted from undeath the car by the professional, the man who lives in the house, you know...the regular guy who just wanted to get in his car to go to work...takes hold of the stick that's attached to the alligator and holds the alligator at bay.

Then he jumps on the alligator's back while a helpful neighbor helps to secure the alligator's mouth.

Slidell man catches alligator in driveway


I can't help but wonder when the pest control guy showed up if he didn't say something like "Well, I'm the only one workin' today, so y'all about to learn how to catch an alligator."

This might be the ultimate "Tell me you're from Louisiana without telling me you're from Louisiana".


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